Download Tencent Mobile Manager 14.2.13 Cydia Tweak with New Virus Killing Module, Improved Space Cleaning Feature, & More

by @neUm on 05/09/2013

Tencent has just released Tencent Mobile Manager 14.2.13 for iPhone and iPad at BigBoss Repo. Tencent Mobile Manager v14.2.13 update brings New virus killing module, Improved space cleaning feature, New disturbance mode, Auto lock, Vibration, Fast switching, Performance improvements, and Minor bug fixes.

Tencent Mobile Manager Pro is a completely free mobile security and management software, in order to become a “Mobile Security Management Pioneer” for the mission, in the provision of intercept harassment, privacy protection, security, based on the initiative to meet the user traffic monitoring, space clearing , medical acceleration, such as high-end intelligent software management mobile management needs.

Highlights Features

  • An “Arrow” accelerated: the launch small rockets, free memory, speed up the phone
  • Secure Login: housekeeper scan your computer using a mobile phone on a two-dimensional code, you can login QQ, safe and convenient.
  • Flow Monitoring: real-time monitoring traffic, effectively control the flow overruns, prevent software secretly Networking
  • Harassment intercept: Smart intercepted nearly 100% of spam messages, harassing phone shield various
  • Quick switch: Shortcut control Wi-Fi, brightness, positioning and other 20 kinds of switch more practical functions
  • Communication aids: come and call display number attribution, access to electric shock
  • Notification cleaning: a key clean-up annoying notification bar message, desktop icons red dot prompt
  • Privacy: Invisibility clever software, coupled with privacy, security, protect your critical information
  • Hardware Rating: quick overview of the situation and ranking iPhone’s hardware
  • Hardware Information: memory, CPU, disk and other information at a glance

Tencent Mobile Manager 14.2.13 v14.2.13 deb ios cydia tweak for iPhone iPad Download Tencent Mobile Manager 14.2.13 Cydia Tweak with New Virus Killing Module, Improved Space Cleaning Feature, & MoreYou can download Tencent Mobile Manager 14.2.13 for iPhone or iPad from BigBoss source link given below.

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